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This time, it was a compiler bug

I write software for a living. At least, I pretend to. Most of the time, my job is building & running (& yes, occasionally fixing) software other people have written.

One of the aphorisms of software development is that “it’s never a compiler error”. Sure, it’s not never a compiler error, since compilers are written by humans and therefore are as flawed as any other piece of software. But it’s never a compiler error, in the sense that, when you find a bug, the probability of it being caused by a compiler error exists on a set of measure zero.

Well, today I hit the jackpot. This time, it really was a compiler bug.


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A Boring Life

I came across a tweet recently (it’s not that unusual these days). Someone was saying they wanted to get a KitchenAid (do it!) to be able to make homemade pizza dough, and said that this made them a boring adult now. It got me thinking, and then I wrote this.

I’ve contemplated a lot about my life recently. Maybe it’s something to do with being 25. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten to watch several people around me undertake significant life changes. Maybe it’s because I’m human and we’re prone to doing this sort of thing all the time. I don’t know.

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There are several different trains of thought when it comes to software “nagging” users about updates. Naturally, I want to talk a bit about how this works in the open-source developer tools world.

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Group of Friends

Today, I watched my best friends graduate college. University of Chicago, class of 2017. Bachelors of Arts and Science. I’m just starting to appreciate just how lucky I was to have them. They were my first real group of friends.

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Never Again

I grew up hearing the phrase “never again”. As a young Jewish boy, those two words embodied how I understood justice. It meant that we’d learn from the atrocities of the past, and do my part to ensure they wouldn’t happen on my watch.

Right now, that very idea of justice is under attack.

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