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Residency Update

Welcome to my second (very late to be published) update as Ruby Central’s security engineer in residence, sponsored by AWS.

My goal is to write a short update every week, chronicling what I’ve been working on, and reminding myself that I was, in fact, productive.

This week, I focused on addressing some inbound security reports, wrapped up feature work on event logging, and started building a new tool to assist me in researching the gems that are a part of our ecosystem.

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I’m in a window seat, at 36,000 feet, and just finished up my free mini bottle of buffalo trace. Years ago, this was my happy place. Flying somewhere, leaving some place, being treated like someone special because I spent so much damn time and dollars for the right to sit on an airplane as it took me from point A to point B.

Sure, I’ve been a United 1K for half a decade at this point. Racked up almost half a million millions flown in the past 6 years. But it was more than that. I was a frequent flier, damnit. I could navigate airports with my eyes closed, could tell you the best seat on every plane in UA’s fleet. Hell, I called United Airlines “UA”, because that showed how much of an insider I was.

Now, we’re several years and one giant global pandemic later. The world’s been turned on its head so many times over the past two and a half years, I can’t even remember if it’s currently upside-down or rightside-up. And here I am, sitting in seat 10F (have booked 10D, don’t ask questions), having consumed my in-flight freebies, and …… it’s not the same.


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What I Value

I’ve spent a lot of this year thinking. I think most people have.

I was sending some random tweets to a friend last week, and I captioned the exchange by saying “… I think this year has made me, and there’s no other way to put it, insufferably Jewish”. (Now, I know I’ve always been insufferable. I was merely commenting on the nature of the insufferability these days). He responded by first assuring me, “that’s not a bad thing” (which is how you can tell he is, indeed, one of my Jewish friends). Next, he said something that’s made me reflect a lot, that “a lot of this year has been identifying what you value”.

What do I value?

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