Modern Madea

The following short story was written for an english assignment to make a modern-day analogy for the tale of Madea.

The woman walked up to the unmarked office with a little bundle of life in each arm. She was in her mid-twenties, and quite beautiful-by all accounts, she should have been in the prime of her life. Her name was Madea. Madea was married to a rising star at Goldman Sachs; just last month he brought home a new Mercedes SLS for her. Madea had already stopped working, instead she spent her days taking care of the kids. She enters the psychologist’s office, drops the kids into the arms of a waiting babysitter, and shuts the door behind her, hoping that this week’s therapy will be more productive than the lasts.

Madea: Do you know how many nights this week Jason came home in time to have dinner with me and this kids? Every night I made something good, and he came home twice to eat it. Twice.

Psychologist: Well, Madea, you know that your husband is a very busy man. If he didn’t work those late nights at the office, he wouldn’t be in line for such ripe promotions. Don’t you think you should be supporting your husband in his endeavors?

Madea: I do support him, of course I want him to be successful, but now I feel forgotten. I’m just the housewife. It wasn’t always like this.

Psychologist: Please elaborate on how things used to be different…

Madea: A few years ago, I helped Jason with all of his work. Wrote reports for him. Made powerpoints, suggested killer trades. He would never have risen so far without me. He seems to have forgotten how much he owes me.

Psychologist: Well, how do you think you can remind him what an important role you play in his life?

Madea: He doesn’t care what I say anymore. But I know what he does care about: the kids. I’ll tell him that unless he stop spending so much time at the office and comes home more often, I’m taking the kids with me to my mother’s house. Maybe then he’ll appreciate what I bring to him.

Psychologist: You know that I cannot condone that. I think you and Jason should try talking this through and come to a peaceful accord. Why don’t you take him out for dinner and discuss this matter with him?

Madea: Sure, I can discuss it, although my mind is now made up.

Madea collects the children and leaves the office, confident that before the week is out she and the kids will have left their ungrateful father for good. The next night, she is out to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant with Jason.

Madea: Jason, honey, I really miss having you around the house. Remember the good old days when I used to help you with your work? Whatever happened to those countless hours we spent together?

Jason: Madea, you know that nothing has happened between us, don’t be paranoid. This is not the first occasion that I have noticed how hopeless it is to deal with a stubborn temper. You must accept that my job now requires more of my time, I don’t know why I must keep on repeating myself.

Madea: Why must you submit to your boss’ every will! O coward in every way-that is what I call you, with bitterest reproach for your lack of manliness. If you truly still love me, then be with me no matter what. I shall accept no more excuses from you.

Jason: You think that I offer you excuses! I merely wish to provide for my two children, who I love so dearly. I work that I might bring my children up worthily of my position. Without my hours at the office, there would be no Mercedes, no college fund, no Disney cruises.

Madea: How dare you justify your pitiful actions! Just admit that you no longer love me, and maybe sanity and peace can prevail. Else prepare to have your cozy suburban life torn to shreds! A curse, that is what I am become to your house. You will forever regret ignoring me and denying me your love!

Jason: Madea, my dear, do not act irrationally. I fear what you might do if you do not calm down. Here, let us at least enjoy this one meal. We shall revisit this topic later. For today, the conversation is over. I shall not argue with you for the sake of our children, for warring parents cannot rear happy kids.

Madea: Very well, but you will regret this!

After the dinner, Madea and Jason drove back to their McMansion, their ride haunted by silence. Madea pretended to be content with the outcome of the conversation, going to sleep across the bed from her husband dutifully. After Jason rose to go to work, without disturbing wife nor kids, Madea slipped out of their King bed. She grabbed her jewelry box, purse, car keys, and kids, and got into the BMX X5. Driving off, she connected her iPhone to the SUV’s bluetooth…

Madea: Mom, the kids and I are coming to stay for a little while. What’s for dinner?