I am so incredibly happy to announce today that I will be joining the fine folks at Realm starting on Monday. I’ll be working on building cool things there—CocoaPods, jazzy, and RestKit, along with working on Realm, the database, itself.

I’ve spent the past three months at Stripe, working full-time on CocoaPods thanks to their amazing open source retreat. In doing so, I’ve discovered a few things. I love working on open source tooling—it’s maybe the most fun type of problem I’ve ever tried to tackle. I also miss working in the same room as my coworkers. At Realm, I get the best of both worlds: working on an amazing open source product with an incredible, world-class team.

I’m going to continue working on the projects I already contribute to, and I’m sure there’ll be new projects soon enough. Realm is building some incredible technology, and I have no worries that it’ll be an interesting product to work on.

I’m sad to say goodbye to Stripe. They’ve fed me well and I’ve made many wonderful friends there, but I couldn’t be more excited to begin the next period of my life at Realm.

Excelsior. Things just keep getting better.