Thanks Again, Stripe!

Today marks my last day at Stripe, where I’ve been working for the past three months on their open source retreat. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole three months. I’ve literally never worked this long in one place before.

On my first day, I had been living in California for less than a week. I knew no one who worked here, and my plans consisted of fulfilling a grant proposal. Three months later, I’ve accomplished everything I said I would: I’ve written a new dependency resolver for CocoaPods, a language-agnostic test suite, and a working port of my resolver (named Molinillo) to bundler.

I’ve also had an incredible time working out of Stripe’s office: they’ve fed me, provided excellent company, and have shown me that even big companies can have spirit and be fun places. I’ve met amazing people working here, people who have been gracious enough to share their wisdom over coffee runs and meals in the cafeteria.

I have no words for how grateful I am that Stripe granted me this opportunity. Without them, I would never have been able to move to San Fransisco and live out my dream of being a professional open source developer.

I must also thank my fellow CocoaPods core contributors for both encouraging me to apply for the retreat, and also helping me with my work here every step of the way.

Sure, Thanksgiving might have been a week ago, but I really do want to give thanks for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a great three months.